More than forty years ago, God gave the Vineyard a gift to steward. It was a gift rooted in a powerful vision of what church could be like with Jesus’s theology and practice of the already and not-yet Kingdom of God at its center.

The world has changed in all sorts of dramatic ways in the last forty years. We know that today there are new and different challenges to reaching people with the good news of the Kingdom of God, as well as more demands on our pastors than there ever were in the past. While life itself involves constant change, the pace of change is now quicker than ever.

Throughout our life together as a movement, we have earnestly responded to God’s call – and our response has borne much fruit. We now need to focus on how we continue to do so for the next forty years. It is time for us to reimagine our approach to our shared mission, embracing the changes necessary for us to thrive as a Kingdom movement in the midst of our changing culture.  

We believe it is now necessary to refocus, resource, and reorganize our movement, to meet the challenges of the days that are ahead.

Building a National Team

The National Team will be a diverse group of servant leaders, called together by God to articulate and steward the culture, processes, practices, and theology of our movement. 

Each will have a resume that demonstrates a clear skillset and relevant track record for doing such work, including broad pastoral experience in the Vineyard, and a desire to serve on a transformational team. Each will bring to the role humility, teachability, emotional intelligence, a deep-seated love for the pastors of the Vineyard movement, and a hunger to discover and do what it takes to see the Vineyard steward its gifts and live out its mission for generations to come. 

Ultimately, the work of the National Team is to equip, encourage, and further empower local church pastors in their Kingdom mission. Each member of the team will work every day to resource Vineyard pastors in their ministries, developing robust, intelligent, integrated systems that will directly support and strengthen pastors as they pursue their callings in the Kingdom.

How the team will work

The first appointment to the National Team is it's leader – the incoming National Director, Jay Pathak, who was confirmed by the Executive Team in March 2021. 

The next appointments to the National Team will be four Associate National Directors, Super Regional Leaders, Communications Director, Managing Director, and Development Director whose roles emerge from a lengthy process of consultation, research, and analysis of the culture and structures of Vineyard USA. Through that process, we have identified specific areas of investment that are critical to our future as a movement:

  • Associate National Director, Pastoral Health and Development – to support Vineyard pastors with robust resources for their spiritual and emotional health and development, as well as that of their staff and volunteers. 
  • Associate National Director, Church Health and Development – to resource and equip Vineyard pastors as they lead their churches to new frontiers in the areas of discipleship, community life, and church development.  
  • Associate National Director, Evangelism and Justice - to resource and equip Vineyard pastors as they lead their churches in proclaiming and demonstrating the good news of the kingdom of God to the lost, the poor, the sick, and the marginalized.
  • Associate National Director, Theology and Education - to resource and equip Vineyard pastors with relevant theological resources, rooted in the whole counsel of scripture and the historic teaching of the church. In addition, to oversee healthy processes for the shared articulation of and commitment to Vineyard identity among pastors and churches.
  • Super Regional Leaders - to empower Regional Leaders to facilitate flourishing regions. Their first assignment will be to help develop and navigate the transition into new regional structures and leadership. Long term SRLs will oversee multiple Regional Leaders and their corresponding local churches, providing the necessary training and support.  

Applying for a position

The deadline for submitting an application is May 31. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions, please click on the relevant link above for details. 

If you believe that you know someone who would be a good candidate for one of these roles, please encourage them to apply!